Hamstring Stretch. The Right Way!!!

Posted on March 13, 2023 by keven. Categories: Mobility.

If you have tight hamstrings and want to improve your deadlifts or other lower body exercises, then you will want to add this stretch to your leg routine. It’s a classic stretch that, when done correctly, will help improve your leg day routine.

The Numbers Show It All!

Posted on December 26, 2023 by keven. Categories: Challenges.

 Adopting a vegan diet can bring about fantastic news regarding your weight management goals! This is because when you plan your vegan meals thoughtfully, you can consume fewer calories and fats and gain more fiber while feeling full and energized. The beauty of it all is that you can enjoy a larger volume of food […]

It’s All About The Squat

Posted on May 12, 2023 by keven. Categories: Challenges.

  Remember to check with your healthcare provider before starting a new fitness routine. If you have lower back, knee, or hip issues, don’t hesitate to contact me for alternatives. It’s hard to imagine living in today’s world without focusing on increasing our overall fitness level. Given the demands of modern life, it’s more important […]

The History of the Western Diet

Posted on May 4, 2023 by keven. Categories: Challenges.

The Western Diet   The more time passed, and we transitioned from a life in nature to a life in big cities, the more human nutrition changed.   Needless to say, when you change what you do multiple times per day (eating), physiological changes occur.   The “Western diet” is one of the things that […]

How to Train While Losing Fat

Posted on April 23, 2023 by keven. Categories: Fitness.

How To Train While Losing Fat To lose fat, you must change your lifestyle by manipulating your nutrition and activity levels. However, though fat loss sounds simple, there are many important considerations to consider when going through that period.   One is the approach to training while losing fat, as it can make or break […]

Guide to a Healthy Mediterranean Eating Lifestyle

Posted on April 18, 2023 by keven. Categories: Lifestyle.

For years, medical experts have observed and confirmed that residents of Mediterranean countries have much lower cases of obesity, cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases than people in the United States and other European countries. After much observation and research, scientists have traced this phenomenon to their lifestyle difference.  Grab your free guide plus a 6-minute workout […]

Age in NOT a Terminal Sentence

Posted on April 10, 2023 by keven. Categories: Challenges.

If you’ve ever tried to talk your dad into going to the gym with you, the response was likely something along the lines of “I’m too old to do any physical activity.” Well, people of previous generations have grown up with the belief that age is a terminal sentence that inevitably deprives you of the […]

Success = Back2Basics

Posted on April 5, 2023 by keven. Categories: Challenges.

I’m here to tell you a little secret about what the fitness industry has been up to in the past years and… About what YOU can do to counter that! Once we do that, I’ll also give you a challenge. A challenge to improve your physical and mental fitness levels by doing nothing else but… […]

The Best Glute Building Exercises

Posted on March 16, 2023 by keven. Categories: Exercises.

Think you’re doing all the right things to tone your glutes? You might be surprised. While squats and lunges are great exercises for the lower body, they may not be providing the stimulus your glutes need to really start firing. And this is especially valid nowadays, when the majority of the population is sedentary, due […]